Rank & Bank APPs & Mobile Games on iOS & Google Play in 60 Days on Less

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Step-by-Step guide with secrets revealed that helped me rank free apps and make $500+ per month from one mobile game. Case study included.

Table of contents:

  • Chapter 1: About me

  • Chapter 2: Market Research

  • Chapter 3: Keywords Research

  • Chapter 4: ASO - App Store Optimization

  • Chapter 5: The Visuals

  • Chapter 6: Ratings and Reviews:

  • Chapter 7: Hit the TOP by keywords in 5 STEPS

  • Chapter 8: THE PLAN

  • Chapter 9: General Advice

  • Closing Words and Case Study

  • Bonus: Rank iOS APPs & Mobile Games (in beta)

    • App Store vs. Play Store

    • App Store ASO – Do’s and Don’ts with Examples

    • How to Rank Apps and Mobile Games on App Store?

    • How to Optimize & Boost Your APPs for App Store?

  • Bonus 2: Why users uninstall your app?

  • Bonus 3: Things I noticed but can't confirm (yet)

Who is this for?

I am neither a developer nor a designer.

If I could do it, so should you.

Let me teach you how to boost free apps and mobile games to the TOP of Google Play and App Store!

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